Thursday, September 3, 2009

Playroom Toys & Baby Update

Nope, I am not in labor and nor shall I be any time soon, at least via induction that is. I had another NST today and my results were MUCH better, so I have the green light to remain preggo a while longer yet. I'm just hoping I don't go into labor on my own over the weekend because my doctor is gone Saturday through Monday!!

We're getting really excited to see the rooms in the basement nearing the point where they will actually be usable! They may not be 100% finished for a while, but after carpet and doors are installed they will actually be usable, so that got me thinking about some things for the playroom. I brought Isaiah down there yesterday while the electrician was tinkering around and he must have spend 10 minutes just climbing up and down the stepstool. That got me thinking that it would be great to have something for him to climb on in the playroom. I found a couple things on Craigslist that fit the bill. I love the castle with the swing because both Isaiah and the baby (when he is much bigger, of course) could play on it at once, but it was all the way in Portage (and $55) and the big climber was wayout of my price range. Both are made by Little Tikes. Anyone have any suggestions?? I'd say it is highly unlikely that I'll be hauling my very pregnant butt to any garage sales any time soon. I can keep watching Craigslist, but even if I found something that would work I don't have a vehicle large enough to go pick it up. I suppose I could always wait to put something on Isaiah's birthday list too.
On the basement schedule tonight: Nail in boards along the stairwell, clean up to get ready for carpet install, final touch-ups on polka dots. Carpet is coming at 7:30 am tomorrow!! I am so excited.

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