Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Should I stay or should I go?

Anyone else singing the song in their head right now? "Should I stay or should I go now?? If I stay there will be troub-le.....if I go there will be doubl-le..."

Ok, I'm done. Here's the pregnancy update: Baby Boy cannot decide if he wants to come out or stay in. When I checked in on Monday, my blood pressure had come down some and the protein in my urine was down to trace amounts. Doc said I was good to stay pregnant and to come back on Wednesday. So, here we are on Wednesday. I got a headache this morning that got worse over the course of a couple hours. By the time I got to the clinic, it was hurting pretty good. My blood pressure went back up and the protein in my urine jumped up to 2+. The NST machine was wheeled back in and I got to sit there while we monitored the baby's heartrate. The way my doctor put it was that the tracing "didn't look bad, but it didn't look good either." She threw out the word "induction" today and it was clear it was definitely becoming a consideration. Her concern was that the NST didn't show that I was contracting as of yet, so we would be starting from square one. I had to go get blood drawn to see if any of those numbers were out of whack, as that might tip the scale toward induction. For now, I have to go back in again tomorrow to do another NST and check the pee and blood pressure again.

Poor Evan. All he could say when I told him about all this is, "Honey....could you please try to make him wait until after Friday??" I love that guy, but right now his mind is 100% on basement, not baby!!

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