Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Just Me and the Boys

Evan is gone on a business trip again! This time, he will be gone for four days out east. I'm not even sure what exactly he is up to on this trip, so I can't even share that with you. What I am concerned about is missing out on the chunk of sleep that I rely on when Evan takes a feeding with Micah for me! I know.....it's not all about me, right? But, with being wiped out by the mastitis right now, I really could use all the sleep I can get. Typically I will feed Micah around 9:00 or so and then I go to bed. Evan stays up for his next feeding and then puts him down in his crib, so I usually get to sleep from around 9:30 to 1:00 or so when he wakes up for his next feeding. Then it's all me for the rest of the night. It's only a few nights that we'll be without Daddy so I am sure we will manage, but I know we'll be missing him. He comes back on Friday from this trip.

Unfortunately, this is not the only trip Evan will be leaving on this month. He just found out this morning that he has another 10 day long trip to China coming up this month. He'll be gone the 14th through the 24th. I'm kind of upset about this because I had already let the restaurant know that I was coming back to work on the 14th so that Serena (who is due with her baby in November) could plan on being done on the 18th. My mom has already stepped up to say that she will stay with the boys if I need her to, but I'm still pretty upset about the whole thing. I'm really not a fan of the idea of being a single parent for such a big chunk of time, especially with Micah being this young. Not a fan at all.

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