Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Letterman, Leno, and the BCS??

Bear with me for a moment because I'm about to go all political on you, but I just have to vent about this. It annoys me to no end that President Obama seems to have nothing better to do than to make appearances on late night television, as he has shown up on Letterman and Leno to joke around and promote his health care agenda. Seriously? Late night TV? Shouldn't he be, oh I don't Washington running the country? I guess others have caught on to the fact that the President has some free time on his hands because now someone is trying to get him to reform the BCS (Bowl Championship Series) system! Now, I am a football fan. This is no secret. Do I think the BCS could use some tweaking? Sure. But, come on. This is not something the President should be dealing with, especially not with the economy in the toilet, a war on, and health care up in the air. But then again, Obama has made himself the "entertainment President," so why not?

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