Sunday, October 4, 2009


I have mastitis again. I got it with Isaiah when he was about 3 weeks old and here we are again with Micah. My right breast started to hurt on Friday evening and has just gotten worse since. It's hot to the touch and I just sit and cry while Micah nurses from it. Today I started to develop the flu-like symptoms associated with mastitis - fever, hot/cold flashes, etc. So, even though it didn't come on suddenly in the middle of the night like with Isaiah, it would appear that I'm in for a repeat performance. It figures it would happen over the weeken too, when I can't just go in to the clinic but would have to go to the hospital and pay for either Urgent Care or an ER visit. No can do, buckaroo. I'm going to call the clinic right away in the morning tomorrow and describe what is going on and hopefully Dr. B can just call in the scrip to Walgreens for me. It would be super to not have to bring the boys into the clinic if I can help it!!

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