Wednesday, October 28, 2009

My future Badgers

The weather was pretty nice yesterday, so I decided to take the boys on a trip to campus to introduce them to their future college.....I mean, my alma mater. No pressure, boys! This was also our first outing with the double stroller and that made for some interesting moments. I had completely forgotten how to open the dang thing!! Here I am in the parking garage on Lake Street, cursing under my breath because I can hear Isaiah in the car yelling, "Mama??? Mama??" and I'm stuck behind the car trying to wrench the stroller open. Finally I got it figured out and got Isaiah all strapped in. I reclined the other stroller seat all the way back for Micah and even managed to get him secured without too much drama. I grabbed the diaper bag and the camera and we were ready to go! Not so much. How the heck do you unlock the wheels??

We had a very enjoyable outing! Isaiah loved being able to lean over and check on Micah and say, "Hi Baby!" whenever he wanted. He also said hello to many a passer-by along our way. The stroller itself worked out pretty well on our first adventure. It definitely has its drawbacks, but I had to make some sacrifices to be able to get a double stroller we could afford. I look forward to using it more when spring rolls around and Micah can sit up and enjoy the view like his brother!

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