Monday, November 23, 2009

Black Friday

I've always been very anti-Black Friday. Nothing about dragging myself out of bed in the wee hours of the morning to shop ever really appealed to me. I like my sleep too much and it didn't exactly sound fun to be fighting with other crazy sleep-deprived people in line just to buy stuff. I have been dreading the day when a Black Friday deal would actually tempt me and that day has arrived. The deep discounts on flat screen TVs aren't what have me actually considering joining the lunacy. Nope, not the deals on laptops (most of the ones on sale are kind of crappy ones anyway). We already have a GPS for the car and we don't travel all that much anyway. Here's what has my little shopping antennae all tingly:

  • The Cricut Expression - This is the mack daddy of scrapbooking cutting machines. I have the older version of the Cricut, but this one takes 12x12 sheets of card stock and can do so much more!! Walmart has them on a Black Friday special of only $188 including two cartridges!! The Expression typically is priced around $300 and cartridges are always at least $35 to $40 each. I am very tempted to go hang out at the Walmart in Baraboo at 4:30 am just to wait until 5:00 am when I can snag this honey of a deal. I promise to sell my old one on eBay to help pay for it! Figures it would take a scrapbooking gadget to get me out on Black Friday, huh?
  • RCA Dual Screen Portable DVD Player - Two kids, two DVD screens for long drives. Need I say more?? Target has an awesome Black Friday deal of only $88!

So now I get to stew on this for a few days: To shop or not to shop? That is the question.

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