Saturday, November 14, 2009

Micah - 2 Months

I'm a few days over the official date, but my Micah is two months old already! It is amazing how fast he has grown already and I'm happy to report that he has left the scary stage behind. What's the scary stage? Newborns!! Bless their hearts, but newborn babies are scary to me. They're small, they look kind of funny (face it, they do!), they look so fragile, and they need you constantly. I always joke that I wish I could give birth to a four month old! Thankfully, Micah has already started to venture into the exciting part of infancy where he is learning new tricks all the time.

Micah - 2 months old:
  • You can smile and coo! If you're in the right mood, squeezing those cheeks just a little bit is usually enough to encourage a smile. You love to look right at faces and just talk away and I swear you have tried more than once to giggle. You're such a happy kid!

  • You are not sleeping through the night just yet. Much to Mommy's dismay, you continue to wake during the night to eat. Most of the time it is only once, but there are some nights where you need that extra feeding. I'm holding out hope that you'll be able to make it through the night by 3 months!

  • You eat like crazy! You are very sloppy and love to let your milk drip down your chin and sputter all over the place, but you are typically a very good eater. At this point, you are a "combo kid" who gets about 50/50 breastmilk to formula. You usually eat about 30 ounces every day, give or take. I'm no longer nursing you, but you do just fine eating out of your AVENT bottles.

  • I can tell you're trying to roll over already. When you're laying on your back you will stick your arms out and wiggle your legs. It's pretty clear you're trying to turn over.

  • You're chubby!! At your checkup on September 5th, you weighed in at 13 pounds, 8 ounces and measured 23 inches long. Your big brother was only 12 pounds, 12 ounces at that point, so you can safely say you've got him beat so far.
  • Already starting to grow out of your 0-3 month clothes, I have had to start sorting through the 3-6 month stuff to make sure you've got sleepers to wear.
  • You look just like your Grandpa Howie!

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