Thursday, November 5, 2009

Thank You Supernanny!

The Style network plays re-runs of the show Supernanny and I really enjoy watching it because it has really helped me pick up some great parenting tips. I scored my time-out technique from watching Jo (the Supernanny) and have archived some great ideas for when the boys are older. Last night, I had an opportunity to put into practice one of the methods I saw on the show just the other day - the separation technique. Typically used for children who struggle to go to sleep by themselves, I found myself using it on my two year old who usually goes to sleep just fine! Isaiah woke up last night around 1:30 am and cried and cried for a good 20 minutes. When he hollers for this long of a time period, I start to think something is wrong. The last time it happened, he had wet through his diaper something fierce and was absolutely soaked. So, I went in to check on him and he was fine. Just fine. Dry as a bone, nuk in mouth, just wanting Mommy. It was hard, but I didn't give in because I knew it would be absolutely hellish to try to put him back to bed after I had cuddled him. So, I busted out the separation technique!

I told Isaiah it was time to go back to sleep and I sat down on the floor so he could see my profile. I did not look at him or talk to him, despite the fact that he was staring right at me and screaming, "Mama!! Mama!!!" It took about 15 minutes or so of this and he finally quieted. I waited another three minutes and then tried to leave the room without waking him. He did wake up and start in on screaming again, but I went back to bed. He only cried for another few minutes before he was back asleep! I'd call that a success! I'm still pretty tired this morning because I was awake for quite some time dealing with Isaiah, followed by a rather eventful feeding for Micah (he threw up on my lap). Still, I'm pleased with how it went.

Thanks Supernanny!!

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