Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Another Tough Day

She still isn't home. The good news is that the pain has lessened over last night. It has turned into more of the ache you would expect to have a day after surgery. However, she still is constantly nauseous and can't seem to keep anything down. She has been able to walk a few times around the hallways.
I was able to spend the day with her because my wonderful mother was able to take the day off of work to watch the kids (don't feel to bad for her, I think she enjoyed it).
The nurses think there are a few possibilities for the cause of the nausea. First of all, it could still be the anesthetic from the surgery. Some people do not react well to it and it can cause nausea. The other possibility is that there is a section of her intestines that haven't woken up since the surgery. Apparently the surgery on the abdomen causes your digestive system to shut down. It takes some people's bodies longer to wake up than others. She can help to wake it up by walking as much as possible. This will help to get the digestive juices flowing.
Whatever it is, hopefully it works soon because she has just been miserable for the last day and a half.
I am staying home with the kids tomorrow. I was fortunate to have a holiday vacation both Thursday and Friday so I'll be home to take care of things here while she is recovering.
Keep up those prayers.

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