Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Get this garbage off my TV!

It's no secret that more and more risque and adult things are being shown on TV in the modern era, but it's amazing how you see it in such a different light when you're a mom. I first saw this commercial when I was home with the boys in the middle of the afternoon. about 2:30 pm. I can't remember what channel I was watching. I was immediately frozen with horror. Why on earth is this garbage showing up on my TV screen in the middle of the day when my toddler is wide awake? I got angry right away and told Evan about it and then he got to see it firsthand when we were watching TV together at about 12:30 in the afternoon last Saturday. No, we were not watching HBO (can't afford it), FX, or any of the "other" channels one might expect to see such things. Even my husband was pretty shocked that this commercial would air in the middle of the day on a Saturday like that. Now today it came on again while I was watching Supernanny!!! Yup, you heard me right. Supernanny. I had to change the channel for a few minutes so Isaiah didn't see it. I just had to come on here and vent. Here's the commercial I am all fluffed about:

Really? Is this what we have come to in an effort to sell stuff? What even is the product? Watches. Did you notice that when you watched it? I didn't think so.

The point is that this is showing up on my 42 inch screen while my two year old son is directly in front of it. I'm going to struggle enough with teaching my sons about sexuality, morality, modesty, and a plethora of other things regarding the subject. I hardly need D&G to be implanting these kind of images in his head so early on.

I'm anxious to hear what other have to say about this, especially my fellow parents of young children. Can anything be done or should we just brace ourselves for the day when we'll be seeing three-somes in between Dora the Explorer?

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