Monday, December 14, 2009

Just another Manic Monday

Ah, the life of a stay-at-home Mommy. Check out how my morning went today:

5:00 am - Micah wakes up for a feeding and I can smell him the second I walk in the room. Awesome. After getting a clean diaper on, he eats and goes back to sleep.

6:40 am - Isaiah wakes up unhappily. He's in his room moaning, "No!! No!! Momma!!!" This typically means that he had a nightmare during the night. I go in and bring him to bed with me to snuggle for a while.

7:00 am - Isaiah decides it is time to get up. We venture out into the living room and I step directly in dog puke. I hobble to the bathroom to wipe off my foot all the while yelling, "Isaiah!! Come with Mommy please!! Don't touch that! Icky! Icky!!!" Grab a rag and the carpet spray. Scrub, scrub, scrub. We are seriously going to need to replace this carpet if we ever intend on selling this house.

7:30 am - Time for breakfast. While Isaiah is eating, I am collecting all the pieces of a chewed up pacifier (also courtesy of the dog) that I have discovered strewn about the house like a scavenger hunt. One more nuk bites the dust.

8:00 am - Micah wakes up and takes a sippy cup to the face. Isaiah had followed me into the bedroom to go get him and he accidentally chucked his sippy cup into the crib. Bullseye!!! Hysterics ensue from both children.

8:30 am - We've all calmed down enough to settle in the living room for Micah to eat his bottle. He wants nothing to do with it, but Isaiah is still feeling bad about having beaned his brother in the melon so he is begging to hold him. I set him up in the corner of the couch and give him Micah. Diego is guest starring on Dora the Explorer today so we might have a shot at a decent morning after all.

9:00 am - Diego sets out to save some baby polar bears and Micah finally eats his bottle. I put him in his swing and he passes out almost right away. Time to get Isaiah bundled up to go outside!

9:15 am - Micah is alseep and Isaiah looks like that kid from "A Christmas Story." We go outside and shovel the snow away from the mailbox so the postman can actually deliver our mail. Isaiah is not a big fan of playing in the snow, but he digs it when you make a snowball and let him throw it. I periodically peek in the house to check on Micah. Brian (the dog) is out on a leash with us.

10:00 am - Time to go inside! I take Brian off the leash and turn toward Isaiah for a second. This is the perfect opportunity and Brian takes off running. I try to call him back, but he's gone. I grab Isaiah and we go treking through the snow to try to find him. Brian is discovered behind a neighbor's house and I pick up him. My toddler quickly also loses interest in walking and so I am now stomping through the snow carrying a dog in my left arm and a kid in my right. When Isaiah realizes I intend on bringing him into the house, he starts to kick me and scream at the top of his lungs. We successfully reach the garage and I close the door.

10:30 am - My phone rings while attempting to strip the snow gear off Isaiah while he continues to throw a tantrum. Since I am distracted by talking to my mother on the phone, Brian runs by me and tracks dirt and snow all over the kitchen floor. I grab him and drag him back into the garage. "Mom...I gotta call you back!" Isaiah and I go attach the dog sprayer to the shower head and get out the dog shampoo and towels. We go and retreive Brian and he gets a bath.

10:45 am - Isaiah "helps" me give Brian a bath. I notice that I really need to clean my shower. I call my mother back while I am quickly mopping the floor to cover Brian's tracks. I have to make her wait a second again while I put a towel under where Brian has decided to sprawl on the couch. Isaiah "helps" me mop the floor by pushing an extra dry mop around. Mom stays on the phone with me while I make the bed, load the washing machine, preheat the oven, and start a pot of coffee.

11:15 am - While Isaiah's fish sticks are cooking in the oven, I am unloading the dishwasher, hand washing Micah's bottles, and cutting up cheese for lunch. Oh yeah....I made coffee!! Pour myself a cup of coffee and realize that I haven't seen Isaiah for five minutes and it's quiet. Uh oh. He is in the bathroom, sitting on his potty and looking at a "Parents" magazine.

11:20 am - Isaiah sits down to eat his lunch and I open the laptop to find 32 unread emails. I decide they can wait and I start to blog about my crazy morning. Wow...Micah is still asleep!

"Isaiah!!! Cheese goes in your mouth, not your nose!!!"

Gotta go.

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