Sunday, January 17, 2010


I'm not a pleasant person to be around right now. I know I need to make a choice to change that and I plan on working on that after I get a little sleep, providing Micah allows me to do that tonight.

There isn't anything massive that's making me so cranky, just a combination of a bunch of things. I almost feel silly for my funk, considering the devastation in Haiti and all the other horrible things that could be happening in my life right now that aren't.

Lack of sleep. A stack of overdue bills on my counter. A sick infant who can't sleep in his crib nor though the night anymore. A toddler with a goose egg the size of Texas on his forehead. The Vikings going to the NFC Championship. Piles of photos and no time to scrapbook. Booked to teach tomorrow, but didn't get to shower tonight so my hair will be ugly. Feeling like nothing I ever do will ever be good enough. Frustration. Lack of sleep.

Like I said, nothing too terrible, but just a few things that add up to me being just slightly unsettled at the moment. I promise to try to be more positive the rest of the week now that I've gotten that off my chest.

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