Sunday, January 3, 2010

How can I thank him enough?

Way back in July of 2004, Evan and I vowed to be together "in sickness and in health." We've seen each other through our share of stomach bugs, migraines, pinched spinal nerves, and common colds. Nothing has come close to the absolutely horrendous ordeal I shall refer to as "The Gallbladder Saga of '09." When I had my very first attack, Evan showed no hesitation has he marched right into Walgreens to buy Gas-X and Midol. At every subsequent attack, he showed genuine concern and did everything he could to make me as comfortable as possible so I could recover and this often meant taking care of both the kids on his own for several hours.

Ever since I wound up in the emergency room on Christmas Eve, I have been blessed enough to have a true servant at my side. I don't mean that in a "dust your shelves, vacuum your floors, kiss your butt" kind of way. I refer to the kind of servant Jesus calls us to be. Evan has gone out of his way every single day to see to my needs before his own. He comforted our children at 3:00 am when I couldn't get out of bed. He spooned ice chips into my mouth to try to ease my pain. He held my hand when I struggled to walk the halls in the hospital. He saw to my comfort upon my arrival home, bringing me anything I might need all while caring for our children and seeing to the chores of our home. Even as he started to come down with a cold and our boys both got sick and cranky, he continued to make sure I was as pain-free as possible. When I finally took the Band-Aids off my wounds and saw them for the first time, he comforted me through my tears and reassured me that I was "still beautiful."

I am truly blessed. In spite of all the pain I have felt over the past couple weeks, it is nothing in comparison to the overwhelming love I have felt from my husband.

Evan, how can I thank you enough?

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