Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I'm a Sneaky Chef!

As I have whined about in the past, my toddler absolutely refuses to eat vegetables. Up to this point, the only way I have been able to get veggies in his belly is by mashing up broccoli or carrots and mixing them into his spaghetti sauce. It gets so frustrating sometimes because I really want him to eat better, but I just don't want to have the tantrums and the screaming that would follow me trying to feed him something funky.

Enter The Sneaky Chef by Missy Chase Lapine. I bought this book quite some time ago and I have tried several recipes from it in the past with awesome results. I wrote a blog post about the Chocolate Cupcakes that have blueberries and spinach hidden in them. They were delicious! I'm also a big fan of the chocolate chip pancakes with wheat germ and other goodies inside. I've recently been inspired to start trying to sneak more and more healthy stuff into the meals I cook for every member of my family, myself included.

Every time I make a sneaky meal, I will blog about it and share what I made and how it went over with my picky eaters. Hopefully some of you can join me in my sneaky chef ways!

Coming Soon: Sneaky Chicken Enchiladas

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