Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Micah's New Carseat

Weighing in at a whopping 20 pounds now (he was weighed again when we took him to the doctor to get the suspected ear infection checked), Micah is getting upgraded to a convertible carseat. I researched and read about all the different options, but in the end I decided to buy the exact same carseat Isaiah has. I like it, he likes it, and I know how to use it. Plus, it is rated very highly in all the crash tests and Consumer Reports really recommends it.

So, I ordered another Evenflo Triumph Advance. It is rated to hold Micah up to 35 pounds rear facing and then up to 50 pounds forward facing. At the rate he's going, that will only be in another two months, but still.

Just kidding.

I actually managed to find this carseat on Amazon for less than $110 and it even qualified for free shipping. Really, you can't beat that. And the best part? All of the kind people who ever gave us money for Micah actually bought this carseat for us. I put all that money into an empty 2 liter bottle and then I empty any spare change I get into the bottle as well. I did this with Isaiah too and I was able to buy our Fisher Price swing with that money. I had more than enough in Micah's bottle to buy him his new carseat, so at least I didn't have to stress about not being able to afford to buy it for him right now.

Here's the funny part. I posted on Facebook that I was buying a new convertible seat for Micah and my oh-so-experienced friend Sarah Jo - who has three boys - chimed in with the suggestion that I buy a new carseat for Isaiah instead that can convert into a booster for the next step in his growth and just give Micah the one Isaiah is using now.

Wow, wish I had thought of that before I got the email from Amazon that my carseat had shipped. Oh well!! Live and learn, I guess.

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