Monday, January 11, 2010

Now I'm just Angry!

How many stages of grief are there again? I'm not sure what they all are, but I can be sure that I have been traveling through a couple of them since that heartbreaker last night.

Denial: No! No!! No!!! They couldn't have just lost that game! (And then I sat and sulked for about two hours.)

Anger: This is the stage of grief I am in now because I have started to realize that I am angry at two groups of people:

1. I am angry at the Packers because if you score 45 points, you should win the football game. If you don't, clearly something went horribly wrong.

2. I am much MORE angry with the referees. There were some horrible calls (and no-calls) last night that had an enormous impact on the game, especially in overtime. This article conveys my frustration perfectly: Shutdown Corner

The worst no-call, in my opinion, was definitely on the final play of the game (pictured above). As I watched in horror, Rodgers was hit in the facemask and the ball came loose, resulting in the winning touchdown for the Cardinals. How this penalty wasn't called is beyond my understanding.

Ok....I think I've hopefully started moving on to the Acceptance stage of grief. It might still take some time and healing, but I can at least take comfort in looking forward to a stellar next season!

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