Friday, January 1, 2010

A Rough Week

This is so not what I had in mind for my holiday season. I have spent the last week in a substantial amount of pain and in fear of food. We were really looking forward to me getting the surgery to have my gallbladder removed on Tuesday because I would finally be able to eat regular food without fearing an attack. It was supposed to be a pretty simple process - 1 hour surgery, a couple hours of recovery, head home. That's not what ended up happening in my case.

As Evan has been writing about, we simply could not get my pain and nausea under control so I ended up spending three days and two nights in the hospital. I don't even want to think about how much the last week has cost us. Starting with the emergency room visit to Waupun Memorial Hospital, plus the copay to the clinic, and then the surgery and two nights at Sauk Prairie Hospital. All I can hear is "cha ching! cha ching!" Never mind how horrible I've been feeling....we certainly couldn't afford for this to happen. Oh well.

I am home now and the nausea has gotten better. I am able to keep down small amounts of bland, liquid-based foods and my pain is manageable now. It still hurts plenty to shift positions, get in and out of bed, sit down, etc. I just hope I make some big improvements over the weekend so I'm feeling up to taking care of the kids on my own come Monday.

Thank you all, for your thoughts and prayers.

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