Saturday, January 9, 2010


Isaiah has a multi-purpose word and it is pronounced "Sah-ee." This word can take on many meanings, depending on its context. Observe.

Translation #1: Sally - This translation applies when watching the PIXAR movie, "Cars." The Porche in the movie is named Sally and Isaiah really likes her. I think it's the pinstriping tattoo beneath her spoiler. She's saucy that way.

Translation #2: Silly - When there is general foolishness taking place (which is rather often), Isaiah likes to make the observation that either he or Mommy (or Daddy!) is being silly. I very often refer to him as a "silly kid," so he caught on to this early. He thinks it is particularly silly when you try to put a puzzle piece where it doesn't belong. Classic comedy right there.

Translation #3: Sully - Another PIXAR character, this time from "Monsters, Inc." The big blue monster is a big hit with my toddler and he gets super-excited when Sully is doing his morning workout with Mike. He will actually act out this scene (to the best of his ability) along with the movie. It's so cute!

Translation #4: Sorry - Whenever he gets a Time Out, Isaiah has to apologize and give a hug and kiss when his time is up. I can't get over how much I love hearing him say "Sah-ee" and know that he understands what it means. He has even apologized out of the blue for running into me on accident or dropping something! Smart kiddo.

Translation #5: Slinky - He has two toys modeled after this character from "Toy Story." He's a weenie dog with a slinky for a body and Isaiah has a tiny little one you can wind up as well as a big one that he got for Christmas.

Who knew one word could mean so many things? I always told my English students that using context clues was an important tool for comprehension, but I guess I never imagined how handy it would be for decoding the language of a toddler!

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