Monday, February 1, 2010

He Finally Likes Books!!

We've been trying to read to Isaiah since he was a little baby and he has never had the attention span nor the patience to actually sit through one. He would play with them, flip the pages, and point at pictures, but never in order and wouldn't even dream of sitting through an entire book being read to him in its correct order.

All that is starting to change. He first started picking up books on his own and actually showing interest in what they said about a week or so ago. He even asked to take a book to bed when I put him down for a nap last week and he was paging through it as I left the room. I peeked in on him about 5 minutes later and he was passed out with that book laying on his chest.

Tonight he was avoiding calming down with Evan, so I asked if he wanted to read a book with Mommy before bed. He immediately jumped at the chance and we picked out "Always Kiss Goodnight." I kid you not, that boy sat on my lap and we read the whole book. As soon as we finished, he was asking for another one! I said, "One more and then it's time to go Ni Night."

Enter "Where the Wild Things Are." We once again read the whole book from cover to cover and I enjoyed making the wild things roar. When I put Isaiah down in bed, he cried and cried. I came back in and soothed him for a moment and asked if he wanted to look at the book again. He nodded, so I gave him his wild things back. He said, "Thank You Mama. Ni Night," gave me a kiss and opened that book and muttered, "Eh beh beh beh....Rarr."

Be still my heart.

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