Friday, February 12, 2010

Micah - 5 Months

Sorry this is a couple days late, but it suddenly hit me that Micah is 5 months old already!  I am just floored at how fast he is growing and I'm not quite sure if I'm ready for all the milestones just around the corner. 

At 5 months old, Micah is:
  • Rolling over from his back to his tummy constantly!  Sometimes we have to roll him back over just so he can get to sleep.  Poor thing can get on to his tummy, but then he's stuck.  He also recently discoverd his feet for the first time, but hasn't truly figured out the potential for fun there.
  • Eating rice cereal in addition to his formula.  He still plows through about 30 ounces of formula every day plus his cereal feeding in the evening.  This month, we will be starting to feed him solids after his morning bottle as well.
  • Very, very big sturdy.  A few days after his 4 month check up, he weighed 20 lbs, 1 oz.  I can only imagine what he weighs now!  He is wearing 6-9 month clothing, but growing out of them quickly.  His size 3 diapers are also starting to be pushed to their limits.  I would expect an upgrade in both of these areas by the time he's 6 months old.  I do love his chubby, baby fat rolls though!
  • Back to sleeping through the night....sometimes.  Most nights, I still have to get up a few times to get the nuk back in his mouth, but every once in a while he will grace me with an uninterrupted night. 
  • Working on sitting up on his own.  He can sit supported like a champ, but he is trying to sit up on his own.  If you prop him up on the couch, it will take him all of 10 seconds to try to sit up and he ends up slumping to the side or falling forward.  "A" for effort though!
  • Still rocking those baby blue eyes.  I hope and pray that his eyes stay blue because they are just GORGEOUS.
  • Grabbing toys and starting to "play" with them.  When sitting in his highchair or lying on his playmat, Micah can grasp a rattle or a set of links and shake them or put them in his mouth. 
  • Starting to work on a tooth....maybe.  The drool has kicked up a notch lately, he is starting to cram things in his mouth more, and he's been a little off as far as his moods lately.  Working on a tooth, perhaps??
  • Still a ridiculously happy baby....most of the time.  When he's in a good mood, it doesn't take much more than a smile from someone to get him grinning.  He loves to talk back to you and to giggle.  He gets super-crabby when he's tired, but loves to interact so much that he fights going to sleep.  No longer content to just lay there and observe, Micah will get fussy sometimes when he stays in one place too long.  Sometimes he just wants to sit up and engage in the world around him.
  • Absolutely adored by everyone around him, especially big brother and Brian.  We have to shoo Brian away a lot because he's suddenly obsessed with licking Micah's hands.  Micah thinks it's pretty hilarious.
Overall, Micah continues to be a very happy, healthy boy.  His size has been a concern for us the last month, but we figure he'll probably even out a bit once he starts moving some more and eating more solid foods.  He's an absolute joy to have in our family.  We love you, sweetie!

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