Monday, February 1, 2010

A Productive Evening

I spent four hours in my scraproom. All by myself, a Diet Pepsi on my table, some Glee and Norah Jones on the iTunes. It was awesome. I completed four layouts, including a double-pager, so I'd call that a pretty productive evening. The last layouts I need to do for the 2009 book are the Christmas layouts, which will be a pretty big undertaking since I have a boatload of photos. As for Micah's book, I still need to do his 3 and 4 month pages as well as his First Christmas page. Slowly but surely I will get caught up.

Completed this one previously, but haven't shared it yet!
Left side of the double-pager
Right side of the double-pager
F.M.T. '09 - Fat Man's Thanksgiving!
My 3 Boys - A very journal-heavy layout. Simple, but sentimental.
Love That Smile - The only one I completed for Micah's book during this sesson.

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