Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Micah - 6 Months

Oh my, how time flies!  Six months old already?  How can that be possible?  So many exciting things are just around the corner and soon I am going to blink and my little baby will be walking.  Scary.  For now, here's what's happening with Micah at 6 months old:

  • Eating baby oatmeal twice a day.  This month Mommy will start making pureed "real" food to try.  Look forward to lots of messy baby photos!
  • Rolling over from back to tummy all the time and getting better at rolling back over from his tummy.  He still gets stuck sometimes, but not as often.
  • He loves to blow raspberries with his mouth and has taken a sudden fascination with other people's mouths.  He will try to grab your lips if you talk to him within his reach.
  • He is finally sleeping through the night again on a consistent basis.  Micah goes to bed around 6:30 or so after eating a 8 oz bottle and tends to sleep until about 5:30 am.  No more going in there several times and hour to replace the nuk or flip him over.  Once he's asleep for the night, we leave him alone.  We've been lucky enough to not have to let him cry it out yet. 
  • No teeth yet!  I keep thinking one is going to pop since he drools like crazy and his little cheeks are so red, but nothing so far. 
  • Eyes are still a startling baby blue.  I'm still holding out hope they'll stay blue!
  • Still unable to sit unsupported, but that comes as no surprise when you consider the size of that boy's head!  He sits in his highchair just fine, but we're working on building up his strength so he can sit up on his own soon.
  • Micah continues to be a very happy, pleasant baby.  He smiles easily, loves to observe the world around him, and adores being spoken to and tickled.  His favorite things to hear?  Mommy or Daddy singing and his brother's laugh. 

Micah's official weigh in will be at his 6 month checkup next Wednesday.  I'm hoping his weight gain has slowed a little, but we'll see!

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