Thursday, March 11, 2010

Photos from China

Evan sent me a few photos from China this morning I wanted to share with you.  The last time I sent him over there with a camera, he brought back photos of pagodas, his hotel, and small Chinese women.  This time, I instructed him to think of what would look good in the Project Life album - photos that show how different things are over there than the U.S.  He certainly delivered!  Enjoy the following photos.  I'm saving one to reveal in the Project Life Tuesday post, but all of them will eventually find a home in the album - I'm adding an additional sheet just for the occasion!  (Yes, I will probably scrap them too.)
Evan wrote all the captions, by the way.

March 9, 2010

Tim (the boss) on the right and our driver Mario on the left. We are going up the ramp that leads to the grocery store. 
(As a side note, I [Sarah] find it hilarious that their driver's name is Mario.)

A sample of the fare at the market. I don’t know why they are black, and I don’t want to know.

Dat’s a lotta rice.

Maybe you’re looking for something a little more fresh than the chicken.

Keep 'em coming, Evan!  These are great.  I miss you like crazy, honey!

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