Wednesday, March 3, 2010

"Sorry about the Dude Butt!"

My mother in law always says that every once in a while, the appropriate response to something is "shit." I couldn't agree more because I had a moment like that today when I was subsitute teaching for a fellow English teacher.

The notes were pretty clear: "We are continuing the Romeo & Juliet movie." Ok, no problem. Press PLAY. I can handle that! It's been a while since I've seen Franco Zefirelli's version of R&J, so I'm actually looking forward to this. Mercutio dies, Romeo kills Tybalt, Juliet cries (a lot), Romeo cries (a lot), and then the friar sends Romeo to comfort Juliet. Uh oh....they just got married. Suddenly the screen shifts to Romeo & Juliet waking up in bed together and my recollection of this movie being the first version to ever show nudity suddenly kicks in.

Oh shit.

Romeo stands up, buck naked and there is dude butt on display (on the projector screen, I might add) for this entire class of sophomores to see! He stretches, bends over, walks a bit, stretches again.....are you KIDDING me???!!! I apologize to the class saying, "Sorry guys...forgot to warn you about the dude butt." In my head I am thinking, "Are there boobs? I don't think I remember any boobs. As long as there aren't any boobs, I can handle this."

Then Juliet rolls over. Oh shit.

Thanks a lot, Franco Zefirelli.

Image borrowed from Google Images

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