Wednesday, April 21, 2010

$5 Money-Maker from Walgreens

Talk about a good deal!  This goes beyond saving money, people.  I just earned a $5.00 profit by shopping at Walgreens!  Here's how it works:

The Nature's Bounty D-1000 vitamins are on special at Walgreens for $5.00 this week (until Saturday!) and you also get hooked up with a $5.00 Register Reward with purchase.  (please excuse the crappy phone photo)
This is already a good deal because you're getting the vitamins for FREE....but it gets even better!!  Here's how you can turn this into a $5 money-maker:

1.  Go to Nature Bounty Rewards and register for an account.
2.  Enter the following codes....

2099 -18576402

51135 -18576402

27602 -18576402

17139 -18576402

2386 -18576402

2532 -18576402
3.  This will add 600 points to your account.
4.  Click on "Redeem my Points Now" and make sure you're on a computer that supports the coupon printing program and you have your printer hooked up, turned on, and ready to go.
5.  Select the $5.00 coupon at the bottom
6.  Print the coupon!
Next, head on over to Walgreeens and buy the D-1000 vitamins using your online coupon.  Price: FREE!  Then the nice clerk will hand you your $5.00 Register Rewards coupon to use on your next purchase, just like this one I got this morning:

PROFIT $5.00!!!  SCORE!

Why are you still here??!!  Hop on this, people.  The sale only runs until Saturday and a little birdie told me you can use the back button on your browser to print the coupon more than once!

You can thank me later.  As for me, I'm thanking Smart Couponing for alerting me to this deal!

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