Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Grandma's Car

The last time Evan went to China, I did this
to his car.  It was an unfortunate incident involving our mailbox, a radio playing far too loud, and a particularly exciting shipment of prints from Snapfish.  I felt like such a fool for doing something so stupid.  Anyway, over Evan's birthday weekend, his parents came over and took Evan's car back to Waupun to get the scratch fixed.  And the engine repair.  And the brakes.  Oy.  

In the meantime, the in-laws left their Mountaineer behind for us to use while our car was being fixed.  Isaiah was over-the-moon that we got to drive "Grandma's car!"  He announced to the babysitter when we pulled in the driveway that Monday morning, "Grandma's car!"  He climbs up into his carseat, looks around and announces "Big!"  Driving down the highway, he expresses his belief that this SUV thing is "Fun!"  

I have used a ride in Grandma's car as a way of getting him out of bed in the morning.  I have used a ride in Grandma's car to pull him out of a "No I won't put my socks and shoes on so we can leave and Mommy can get to work on time" tantrum. 

We're going to miss Grandma's car. 

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