Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Project Life Tuesday - April Week One

Spring has officially sprung!  We got into the 70s this week!!  After a Wisconsin winter, it was certainly welcome and I can only hope it continues.

Sunday, March 28th - Isaiah and I stopped at Culver's for a quick dinner and it just so happened that Scoopie and the Easter Bunny were there!  Isaiah kept waving at them and I finally had to cut him off from taking more candy.

Monday, March 29th - My poor, tired baby.  He had just eaten his whole bowl of oatmeal and by the time Daddy returned with his carrots, he had passed out in his highchair.  Too tired to eat....that's saying something for my Micah.

Tuesday, March 30th - My family and friends (plus one anonymous gift-giver) showered me with unexpected gifts over the past couple days for really no reason whatsoever.  I wrote all about it in a previous post, Infinite Blessings.  I'm just floored by how blessed I am by the people in my life!

Wednesday, March 31st - I had some time to kill in between dropping the boys off at daycare and rehearsal, so I did some blogging over lunch at the restaurant where I work. 

Thursday, April 1st - Micah was practicing his "inchworm crawl" when I got him giggling about something.  It's impossible not to smile when I see this photo.

Friday, April 2nd - Bring it on.  I'm ready!  Based on numerous recommendations, I picked up this book today as the first step toward turning our finances in the right direction.  There are some BIG changes in our future!  Should make for interesting blogging....

Saturday, April 3rd -  Isaiah's very fist time dying Easter eggs.  We only did six of them, but he had an absolute ball.  I can't tell you how many times he exclaimed, "Wow!  Cool!"  So fun.

See you next week and thanks for looking!

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