Friday, May 14, 2010

Emerge, Lurkers!

I got a wonderful email today from a woman in my hometown who reads my blog on a pretty regular basis.  Thing is, I had no clue this woman was reading!!  I must admit that sometimes I feel like I'm writing to nobody but myself, especially when posts stay stagnant at 0 comments.  It can get a little frustrating at times when I'm sitting at my computer at 11:25 pm (like now) working hard to keep my eyelids open to write a witty, yet grammatically correct post for you all to enjoy.  Don't get me wrong, I love this.  Nothing suits my center of attention, Type A, it's all about me personality more than blogging. 

How's that for grammar?  :)'s my point.  I'm interested to find out just who's really out there.  I tried to explain the concept of "lurkers" to Jodi at work today, but she looked at me like I was calling her a "hooker" or something, so I'm not quite sure she understood the concept.  I'm asking y'all (yup, you read that right) to participate in a teeny little poll for me.  Quick.  Painless.  Informative.

All you do is click the little button to tell me how you would describe how you read this blog.  A "Follower" is someone who subscribes to the blog feed, uses Google Friend Connect.  These are the folks whose cute little avatars show up on the right side of the blog.  A "Reader" stops by on a regular basis, reads the drivel I put out there, and throws me a comment or two pretty frequently.  A "Lurker" reads the blog, but tends to rarely comment, if ever at all!  A "Visitor" is someone who is brank spankin' new to this madness or only reads on a very rare basis.  A "Skimmer"  does a quick glance every once in a while to see if there's anything interesting (which let's face it, is pretty rare) and then moves on to check Facebook or watch Grey's Anatomy.  Heck, you can even enter your own answer if you really want to!

So, which are ya?  This is purely to satisfy my curiosity, so don't freak out that I'm going to use your IP address to track you down if you're a Lurker.  Because I don't know how to do that.  Not that I would if I did know.  You know? 

There is a poll embedded in this post so if you are a "Follower" who is using Google Reader or another RSS feed, please hop over to the blog to indulge me in my sick little game.  Thanks ever so much.

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