Saturday, May 15, 2010

Garage Sale Adventures

First things first.  I need to say a huge, ginormous, massive "Thank You!" to everyone who left me comments on how to have a successful garage sale.  Having never held one before, we had no idea what to do or how to do it.  As it turns out, listening to your advice was extremely profitable! 

We hung most of the clothes up on a clothes-line, freshly washed, wrinkle-free, and dried with extra sheets of Bounce.

We tried to display things as neat and clearly labelled as possible.

We lined the driveway with the most desirable items to draw in shoppers.

But it ended up being this table that got people to shop at our sale and call their friends to tell them to do the same.

After our two day garage sale in the teeny, tiny, podunk town of Arena.....we profited......


Are you kidding me??  I didn't even realize we had enough stuff to be worth that much!  Here's the break-down of how we turned a few tables of "junk" into so much dough.  The big ticket items like the digital camera, sword, Playstation 2, Guitar Hero, television, and area rug all SOLD!  The big draw to our particular garage sale was the table of Mary Kay goodies I had on sale for a song.  I had ladies stocking up big and then immediately calling their friends to come do the same.  The makeup brought 'em in like flies to honey, people.  Somebody even bought a pair of sneakers, two cans of unused paint from the basement, a PDA (remember those?), and a couple pieces of my lingerie from my skinny days.  Of course, it also helped that we had gorgeous weather.  It was sunny, calm, and about 72 degrees today.  Absolutely ideal.  Even Micah got to come enjoy the day by just hanging out on a blanket on the lawn in the sunshine. 

We ended up with a lot still on the tables when we called it quits, but I was totally shocked when we counted the money and subtracted our starting amount.  This means that on Monday, I get to split a $814 payment between two credit cards.  One will be totally paid off then and I can take my first "cutting up the credit card" photo!  The second will get a HUGE payment and take us one step closer to being debt free!  It was totally worth all the work we put into it, including the 20 minute screaming tantrum that Isaiah launched after this TV was sold.

Man, I'm excited to share that sliced up card with you.  Stay tuned!

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