Monday, May 24, 2010

I'm out of Baby Food! Now what?

My baby eats a LOT.  As I mentioned in a previous post, Micah is plowing through about 3/4 of an ice cube tray of pureed food every single day.  I enjoy making my own homemade baby food, but there have been many times when I have opened the freezer to realize that I am practically out of food, but I don't have the time or the groceries to have a full on cooking session to prepare more.  I realized I needed to have a backup plan in place to make sure I could make some food quickly if I found myself in a pinch. 

Enter the amazing world of frozen fruit.

Make sure you have the following things in stock at all times:
  • Frozen blueberries, strawberries, or other frozen fruit.  (You can also use fresh fruit!)
  • Bananas
  • Plain yogurt (the full fat kind)
  • Baby Oatmeal
The first time I attempted this, I was able to whip up quick bowl of baby food in about 5 minutes and Micah ate every last bite! 

1.  Defrost a handful of frozen fruit in the microwave.  (Use the defrost setting for about a minute or so.)
2.  Chop up about half a banana.
3.  Toss the fruit into a food processor or blender with a couple nice heaping spoonfuls of yogurt and blend!
4.  Mix your fruit/yogurt blend with the baby oatmeal, adding more oatmeal gradually until it's the thickness you're looking for (thicker & chunkier for older babies, thinner & smoother for younger).

There are so many variations to do on this.  My first batch was fresh strawberries & bananas with the oatmeal.  The next time I used fresh strawberries and frozen blueberries.  You could also use frozen peaches, mangos, raspberries or blackberries!

Quick note - You probably want to wait until at least 7 months or so to bust out this recipe since it's got the dairy in the yogurt and strawberries are one of those things you need to watch out for allergies with.  Talk to your pediatrician if you have questions, but mine is of the "they can eat pretty much everything you can eat" camp (except for honey, peanuts, eggs, and straight up cow's milk).

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