Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Micah - 8 Months

Yes, I realize I'm over a week late with the 8 month post, but it kind of snuck up on me!  This past month has been very eventful for Micah as far as milestones, so I can only imagine what he'll have in store for us by 9 months!

Micah at 8 months old:
  • Crawling!!  It's not a full out, stomach off the ground crawl yet.  Let's face's going to take some serious strength to get that big ole belly up off the floor!  However, that kid can army crawl like nobody's business.  We've had to install the gate between the living room and the kitchen because that sucker can get away from you quickly.
  • Has two teeth!  The front two bottom teeth have officially emerged and he really didn't get too cranky during this round of teething.  Lots of drool though.
  • He is eating so much that I can barely keep up.  I love making my own baby food, but when your baby is eating 3/4 of a full ice cube tray of food every single day, it gets to be a bit daunting to keep up.  Stay tuned for a baby food post dedicated to how I'm figuring out how to make "filler food" for when I'm running low on baby food, but don't have the time (or the groceries) to make a full batch!
  • Micah insists on eating finger foods now at meals.  No longer content to hang out in the pack & play while Isaiah eats breakfast, Micah has to go in his highchair and cram fistfulls of puffs in his mouth.  At lunch and dinner, I give him small hunks of cooked veggies, small pieces of toast, puffs (those canisters you can get at Target or Walmart), teeny pieces of fruit, or just little bites of whatever we're eating.
  • Still huge.  I don't even want to know how much this kid weighs.  He'll get weighed again at his 9 month checkup.
  • He's exceptionally happy in the morning when he first wakes up.  And also in the late morning.  And also in the afternoon.  And evening.  Heck, that kid is just plain happy 24/7.
  • Playing has really started to get fun because Micah has started to appreciate how fun it can be to have Daddy toss him up in the air or to hang him upside down.  Nothing like a little rough-housing to get a little boy squealing with joy.
  • Bald.  I expect he will be for a good long time.  Isaiah didn't get his first haircut until he was a year and half! 
  • His curiosity has kicked in.  He's interested in exploring the world around him and seeing what he can get his hands on....and if it will fit in his mouth.
Micah is still a couple steps behind where his big brother was at this point in development.  Isaiah's 8 month scrapbook page shows him standing up in his crib!  Of course, it isn't fair to compare brother to brother, but Micah has been pretty consistent in being just slightly behind on pretty much everything.  I'm certainly not concerned because Micah is happy, healthy, and doing what he should be doing!

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