Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Progression of a Tantrum

Step 1 - Toddler spies something he wants that isn't currently in his possession.  He sticks out the pout lip and Mom goes to grab the camera.

Step 2 - Pout lip is replaced by furrowed brow and whining.
Step 3 - Whining is replaced by wailing.

Step 4 - Wailing continues and toddler adds in the desperate repetitive plea, "Meeeee......Meeeee...."
Step 5 - Toddler decides it's time to amp up the theatrics and throws himself prostrate on the couch.
Step 6 - Toddler is finally able to articulate what he wants and calms down enough to ask for it appropriately.  Mommy obliges.
Step 7 - Tantrum is starting to near its end as the demon relinquishes its hold on Toddler.
Step 8 - Toddler suddenly realizes Mommy has been photographing his tantrum.  This could go horribly wrong at any moment if Toddler decides to yell, "Momma, no picture!"
Step 9 - All is right and good with the world.

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