Monday, June 14, 2010

A New Record!

I broke my savings record at Target today!  Needing a little retail therapy after a stressful morning (more on that in a later post, I promise), I hit up my favorite store for some well-earned freebies and discounts.  Of course, I came home to a Google Reader full of new deals I missed, but I was still pretty pleased at my results. 

2 packs of Huggies, 1 Trop50 juice, 1 Classico Pasta Sauce, 1 lb Starbucks coffee, 1 can baby puffs, 1 Warm Delights Mini-Melts, 2 tubes of Desitin, 2 Dove deodorants, 2 Dove body mists, 1 can tomato paste. 2 Sobe LifeWaters, 1 box Mac & Cheese, 2 Lysol Toilet Bowl cleaners, 2 boxes Eggo waffles, 1 Scrubbing Bubble Automatic Shower Cleaner starter kit, 4 Vanish Drop-Ins, 1 Scrubbing Bubble Extend-a-Clean Shower Power Sprayer, 2 Scrubbing Bubbles Toilet cleaning gels, 1 Scrubbling Bubbles 2-in-1 Toilent Cleaning Wand Starter Kit, 1 Scrubbing Bubbles Toilet Wand refills

Whew!  I think I hit everything!  I had to bust it into two transactions to be able to use all the coupons I wanted to, but it worked out.

I spent a total of $43.96.....but I saved a total of $77.06!!

These kind of receipts make for a nightmare to enter into the budget, but it sure was fun.  And I'm going to have the cleanest shower and toilets EVER

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