Monday, June 21, 2010

The Right Stuff

Fellow scrapbookers, let's chat for a moment.  Do you have a huge stack of photos just waiting to be turned into a layout?  I know I do.  I went to my scraproom the other night to "just do a quick layout" and 40 minutes later, I was still trying to sort through the piles of photos I had sitting there.  After I put my eyeballs back in their sockets, I figured I would just start with the photos from the farthest back.  I'm backed up all the way to February, people.  Anyone else behind??

Anyway, I grabbed a few photos from our trip to the Circus in February and got cracking.  30 frustrating minutes later, I threw the photos, the scraps of pattered paper, and cardstock on the floor in a huff.  The photos just weren't "doing it for me."  I couldn't envision a design for this page and all the cuts I had made didn't get me anywhere.

Do you ever have this problem - where you try to scrap a set of photos only to find you can't?  How do you approach your scrapbooking?  I try to put my albums together in chronological order, but clearly I cannot create layouts that way.  I ultimately changed direction and grabbed photos from our photo shoot in March and I had this layout finished in no time.

I guess I just needed the right stuff!  Jenn's photos clearly tickle my scrapbooking bone!

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