Monday, July 12, 2010

At the Sauk County Fair

At the Sauk County Fair....
  • Isaiah had stepped in cow poop less than 5 minutes after arrival.  He was wearing sandals.
  • The carnie with the camel gave us the stink eye when I didn't pony up $5 for Isaiah to ride it after we had stood there for at least three minutes while Isaiah tried to get the camel to say "moo." 
  • We learned that Porta Potties and a freshly potty trained toddler are NOT a good combo.  My apologies to the man who gave me the funny look when he spotted my boy's bare bum as I had to make an emergency undie change next to the pony rides.
  • I nearly broke my "no deep fried foods" rule for the fresh donuts.  Nearly.  I resisted consumption, but I purposefully stood near enough to that stand to smell the damn things for at least 3 minutes.  I think my nose gained 2 pounds.
  • We purchased no cotton candy, no funnel cakes, and no corn dogs.  The gyro, however, left me with gut rot that will haunt me forever.  In hindsight, that was a mistake.
  • I should have just bought the stupid donuts.

  • Isaiah discoverd that real life John Deere tractors aren't nearly as interesting as his miniature toy tractor.  They didn't even make noise (or so he thought).
  • A young man making a rocket out of two straws, a label, and some masking tape is apparantly a terrifying experience for a two-year old to endure.  He hid behind me the entire time.  
  • Bunnies are fun to look at, but NOT to touch.
  • Double strollers are most certainly not meant to go in the cow barn nor the pig barn.  Unfortunately, we did not discover this until it was too late. 
  • They make the most insanely good donuts.  Not that I would know this.  I just heard it from the me from a year ago whose pregnant self consumed about 6 of them.  This year's me is extremely jealous of last year's me.   
And most importantly, at the Sauk County Fair.....
....women wrestle pigs and come out looking like this:

I'm actually kind of sad I missed that.

Just wait till I report back about the Alto Fair.  Start saving up now for your trip to Wisconsin next year so you too can partake in the joy that is a midwestern fair! 

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