Saturday, July 10, 2010

Micah - 10 Months

Oh Micah.  My sweet, huge baby boy.  10 months old today!

Here's what's happening with Micah at 10 months old:
  • Just last week he weighed in at 27 pounds, 5 ounces.  This is more than many 2 year olds weigh.  He's a big boy, but he's been growing at a steady pace and the doctor is not really concerned.  I just think it's crazy he's in 24 month clothing already!
  • He's eating pretty much entirely table food.  There's a reason I haven't written a baby food post lately!  Micah usually just gets whatever it is we're eating and he rarely refuses anything!
  • He just recently learned how to pull himself up to standing.  He hasn't yet tried to take steps and cruise, but I figure that's just around the corner.
  • The giggles, the smiles, the sparkly eyes.  I wish I could truly convey how infectious Micah's personality is. 
  • He is napping twice per day, at around 9:00 am and then again at 2:00 pm.  Some days are better than others, but he is usually pretty good about going to sleep.
  • We're working on learning how to drink out of a sippy cup and out of a straw!  It's so funny when he gets too much water at once and he gets all wide-eyed and sputters!
  • It's hilarious to watch him play with Isaiah.  He will crawl after him all over the house, wrestle with him, and try to pull his nose off his face.
  • He is never happier than when he is in the water!

We always joke that we won the "baby lottery" with Micah.  He's been such a delightful baby that I can't help but worry that he's going to make up for it by being a horrendous adolescent!  I'm just going to enjoy looking at this face while he's still small young.

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