Thursday, July 8, 2010

A Poop Problem

Those of you who do not have toddlers or have zero interest in reading in detail about my toddler's bowel movements might just want to skip this blog post.  I write about what's real, people.  Right now my real world is revolving around my son's issues with going poop on the potty.  Therefore, it goes on the blog.  That's how I roll.

If you'll recall, we had Naked Week last week as a kind of potty training boot camp.  Isaiah did wonderfully and despite a somewhat traumatizing ass explosion on Monday, he had a successful week of training and was able to wear undies by Friday.  He wore undies all weekend when we went back to our hometown for the 4th, but that's when things started to go downhill. The combination of staying up way too late and being away from home had Isaiah all kinds of crabby and refusing to poop.  He ended up have three accidents on Monday, two of which were the #2 variety.

We're back home now and Tuesday went fairly well in the potty department as it was accident free, but it would appear that Isaiah is either refusing to go poop or is super constipated.  I'm pushing water and juice to try to get things moving, but he's not budging.  Going potty is one thing, but the boy has clammed up when it comes to going poop!

We've tried keeping him on the potty until he goes, but he screams and screams.  The last thing I want is to make the potty a scary experience.  I've tried bribing him with Toy Story stickers.  I've tried making it goofy and funny, but no dice.  We've read a Pirate Potty book.  I even tried convincing him that his poopy is food for Nemo and that he needs to go poopy in the potty and flush it so he can feed Nemo.  In a moment of utter desperation, I promised him a chocolate pudding if he went poopy and then actually allowed him to eat it on the potty in the hopes he would poop. 

Nothing.  My friend Sarah suggested possibly putting a Pull Up on him for a couple hours every day just until he poops and then go back to undies. 

What to do?  Any other suggestions on how to solve the poop problem?

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