Sunday, July 18, 2010

Scraproom Progress

It certainly took us long enough, but we finally got rid of the old fridge that had been left behind by the previous owners of our house which freed up a big chunk of space in my scraproom.  We set up a second table in there to serve as additional table space for me to leave in progress layouts out.  Also, I now have the ability to have a buddy over to scrap with me!  We put a few things up on the wall, moved a couple things around, and now the scraproom is starting to resemble a more complete setup.  I still have some storage solutions to come up with, but I am so grateful to have a functional space to use.  Thank you once again, Evan (and all those whose slave labor we enlisted) for making me such a great room.  Love you.

Probably my favorite thing about my scraproom is the artwork above the second table.  Isaiah and Micah created these canvases for me during their very first finger painting experiences.  I'll admit it - I added the heart at the very end of Isaiah's painting, but the rest was all him!  As for Micah's, Isaiah took over at the end of his and added the flourish you see on the right side of the painting.  Thanks again to Samantha at Mama Notes for the idea of having the boys create these special pieces for my creative space!

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