Monday, July 19, 2010

Sincerely, Your Waitress.

Dear Restaurant Patron,

There are a few things I think we should talk about.  You see, I've been bringing people food for about ten years now and it's become clear to me that sometimes what one might assume to be unspoken rules are, in fact, not even being considered.  So, let's set the record straight on a few things so I can bring you pie and we can remain friends.

  • Please listen to what I actually say, not what you want to hear.  If I say a dinner comes with a potato and a salad, do not get upset with me when I don't bring you any soup. 
  • A little patience, a please, and a thank you are all it will take to stay on my good side!
  • Your server genuinely wants you to enjoy your meal and have a good experience.  We are NOT out to get you.  That being said, we're also human beings with feelings.  Treat us rudely and there's a good chance we won't give you our best service.  And I can promise we'll be grumbling about you to our coworkers.
  • I am not a dog.  Therefore, do not whistle or snap as a method of getting my attention.  All this will earn you is a bad attitude and an "accidental" iced tea in your lap.
  • There are good servers and there are bad servers.  Not everyone is cut out to do this job and I hope you understand that.  If you get a good server, please tip well.  If you consistently perform at a high level at your job, you would expect to be paid accordingly, would you not?
  • We are humans.  We make mistakes.  But consider this, if you will.  Your waitress who just spilled coffee on you might just be a ditzy clutz, but perhaps she lost the grip on the coffee cup she was carrying because she has rheumatoid arthritis and she's trying the best she can to work through the pain so she can bring home an income to her family.  You never know what the story really is, so cut a little slack.
  • I will never, ever spit in your food.  Ever.
  • Please be honest with me.  If I ask "How is everything going so far?" and you respond, "Fine" I will have absolutely no clue that your steak is overdone or your mashed potatoes are cold.  If you don't tell me, I cannot fix it.  Mind reading is not one of my skills.
  • If something does go wrong, please take a moment to consider why it went wrong.  If it was clearly a kitchen issue or something that most likely had nothing to do with your server, ask to speak to a manager and make them aware of the problem, but please do not take it out on your waitress by cutting her tip!  If it wasn't your server's fault, it's not fair to punish them for it.
If you take nothing else from this, please remember this one thing.
  • Waiting tables is not easy.  It takes a unique personality, time, practice, and a ridiculous amount of patience to get good at this job.  The fact that I am bringing you your food and drink does not mean that I am somehow below you.  A little kindness goes a long way.

Your Waitress.

Photo borrowed from Google Images from the movie "Waitress."

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