Friday, July 23, 2010

A Tale of Two Closets

My boys.  One is two and a half years old, tall, and lean.  He wears size 2T or 3T shirts and either 24 month or 2T pants (he's thin!).

The other is ten months old, solid, stout, and weighs nearly 28 pounds.  He wears size 18-24 month clothing. 

This becomes very problematic for closet configuration because I am this close to reaching the point when I can take items directly out of Isaiah's closet and put them into Micah's.  In fact, I recently took the tote of outgrown clothing out of Isaiah closet and was able to nearly entirely empty it into Micah's because 75% of it was 18-24 month clothing!  Isaiah's closet now looks like this:

His brother's looks like this:

I swear to you, Isaiah was just wearing many of those items only months ago.  The totes on the floor are filled with clothing Micah has outgrown.

The great thing with moving all this stuff over is that I was able to resurrect some old favorites.
For instance, the Aaron Rodgers jersey that Isaiah wore only last season should fit Micah perfectly!  I can only hope it will still fit him once football season comes around, but it is only a 24 month so who knows!

No kidding.

This shirt was one of Isaiah's favorites and it just went into the tote maybe 4 or 5 months ago.  I'm just praying he won't get all jealous the first time his brother wears it.
And just to prove that Micah isn't stuck with all hand-me-downs, I couldn't resist documenting my clearance rack triumph at Target for a cute blue 24 month T-shirt!

If Micah continues to grow at the rate he is, I am going to run into the problem of overlapping closets.  But for now, I'll need to worry about finding some clothes for Isaiah to restock his barren closet!

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