Monday, August 16, 2010

Dinosaur Crawl

FYI...Snapfish is offering FREE SHIPPING today and tomorrow only with the code GRANDSHIP.  Just a fun little tidbit for you.

I'm using my Mellow Monday (the day I typically relax and let my body recover a bit from a four-day stretch of work) to try to get caught up on some photo editing, a lot of uploading to Snapfish, and some transferring of photos from my laptop to the desktop downstairs.  This sounds pretty easy, but it has actually been exceptionally frustrating because my laptop is equivalent in age to that of a T-Rex and sometimes just typing a blog post is a bit too much for it to handle.  Evan gets a kick out of watching me work on it sometimes because of the contorted facial expressions, frustrated grunts, and murmured curses I tend to employ. 

(20 minutes later.....after the laptop has frozen up and had to be restarted....twice.)

I'm this close to throwing it out the window.

Repeat with me:  It's not in the budget....It's not in the budget....It's not in the budget...

I still have presumably hours of work ahead of me, so if you are one of my Snapfish people who has been waiting patiently for a photo album from July to order prints from, bear with me.  I'm trying!

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