Monday, August 23, 2010

The Friendship Algorithm

Believe it or not, I sometimes struggle to make friends.  I tend to be pretty quiet when I first meet new people until I get a feel for the level of sarcasm they can handle and how much snarkiness (is that a real word?) I can get away with without coming across as....well....snarky.  Thanks to the Internet, I've had the opportunity to meet some wonderful new people like Jessica Turner, Delane Blair, and Dustin Reichman among others.  Of course, these wonderful folks are still just online buds in my world.  When a woman contacted me recently through the blog and introduced herself as my neighbor (4 houses down my street!!), I had a unique opportunity to make a "real" friend from an online connection. 

If only I had followed the simple flowchart presented here by one Sheldon Cooper, fictional theoretical physicist, this whole making friends with our new neighbors down the street thing would have been a piece of cake!

Thankfully, our neighbors are just plain awesome so becoming friends with them and their children has been a great experience.  I'm always up for a little dose of The Big Bang Theory though, aren't you?  Blast CBS for moving it to Thursdays this fall!!

So, apart from using a friendship algorithm, how do you "break the ice" with a new friend, be it online or in person?

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