Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Micah - 11 Months

Only one month to go until my baby turns ONE.  Wow.  I remember how quickly after he turned one that Isaiah started walking, so I have a feeling we are on the brink of some major changes in our household.  There's just something about that magic number I guess! 

But let's not get ahead of ourselves.  As of right now, Micah is still at 11 months old and here's what shakin' with him lately:

  • 6 Teeth!  Micah just popped his front teeth on the top within the last couple weeks. 
  • Down to only three bottles per day - a 6 oz before each nap (at 9 am and 2 pm) and then an 8 oz before bed.  We're still working on getting him to drink from a sippy cup.  He'll drink water no problem, but he doesn't like to take his formula from a cup.
  • Pulling up on everything, getting into everything, trying to climb into everything!  No walking yet, but he is cruising along furniture.
  • The mellowness is started to wane a bit.  Lately he has been much more interested in getting involved in whatever is going on.  If we set him down, he squeals immediately to get in on the action. 
  • Just like his big brother did, Micah is developing a teeny little baby mullet in the back of his head.  It might be time to snip off the little curl back there before too long.
  • Quick to laugh, easily frustrated, and incredibly charming.
  • I have a feeling he will be my more sensitive child. 
Love you, baby!

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