Saturday, August 7, 2010

Rocking Chair

Isaiah just woke up calling for Mommy.  I quietly opened his door and found him standing right behind it.  I picked up him and gathered him in my arms as we sat in the rocker next to his bed.

He nestled his head into the crook of my neck and tucked his legs around me.  His arms enveloped my shoulders as his little chest shook ever so slightly and he quietly sobbed.

We rocked back and forth for a few minutes until he calmed down, but I tried so hard to imprint every detail on my mind.

There is a day coming when he won't let me hold him and breathe in his scent, when he'll be reluctant to even let me hug him. 

Soon he won't fit on my lap and in my arms as perfectly as he does now. 

I dread the moment when he doesn't appeal to me for "one more kiss" before I leave the room.

Those few minutes passed far too quickly and it was time to put my baby back to bed.  With Curious George secured in his grasp, he rolled over to his side and whispered, "Ni Night Mommy."

I was crying before I closed the door.

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