Thursday, August 5, 2010

Shape Ups - Worth the Price Tag?

I feel like we've come to a good place here.  We've enjoyed getting to know one another, poked fun, even LOLed at my ugly eyebrows and my misfortunes with getting my kid to poop, eat, behave, sit down, be quiet, speak up, quit scratching his skeeter bites, stop riding your brother like a horse, point down point down point down!!!!

Sorry.  Where was I?

Oh yes.  You and I.  We're tight now, right?  So I can ask you to give me your honest opinion.

Sketchers Shape Ups.  The idea is very intriguing - walk your way to a tighter booty.  And really, who wouldn't want a tighter booty?  Never mind the fact that they slightly resemble those orthopedic shoes you tend to see women in a nursing home wearing.  These are actually quite styling, for a sneaker. 

I would certainly have plenty of opportunities to put these babies to work.  I mean, I'm a waitress for goodness sake.  I've been wearing $12 shoes from Walmart that hardly give my RA-ridden feet a lick of support and my dogs are barking by the end of a shift.  Plus, I'm really giving it the ole' college try to walk with the boys at least three times a week.  I've lost 30ish pounds so far, but those size 10 jeans I bought from Old Navy are still "just because you can zip and button them does not mean you should actually wear them in public" jeans. 

But the price tag on these shoes.....dear Lord, they are just more than $100. 


I don't think I've spent $100 collectively on ALL the shoes I currently own. 

So, I put it to you.  Do you have any experience with these Shape Ups?  Do they work?  Are they comfy?  Are they worth the investment or are they a waste of money?

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