Friday, September 3, 2010

How to Get Your Wife to Clean the Freezer

If you recall, my freezer got a good wipe-down a while back when Evan put a soda can in the freezer and then forgot about it. 
The next morning, I discovered a massive slushy Diet Pepsi mess all over my freezer and Evan was kind enough to wipe it up (upon my absolute refusal to do so).  Then I wrote a blog post titled How to Get Your Husband to Clean the Freezer.

Fast forward to this week when I opened the freezer to grab some frozen spinach and discovered this little gem.

Are you serious??!!

When Evan returned home from work, I told him there was a surprise for him in the freezer.  I'm sure he was expecting a quart of mint chocolate chip ice cream or a glorious prime rib cut or something.  When he saw the exploded can and realized what had happened (again), he proceed to explain.....

We didn't have any cold soda and I thought you might want one when you got home so I put one in the freezer to have it ready for you, but you didn't end up wanting one so I forgot about it.

Translation - This time, the exploded soda can was my fault.

I guess I'm cleaning the freezer.

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