Thursday, September 2, 2010

Laptop Confession

I wish I could find the photo of Evan opening up the box with this laptop in it.  His face is nothing in comparison to the gleeful expression on his fiancee's face as she peered into the box. 

That was more than seven years ago.  What is that in computer years?

We've finally reached the point where the ole Dell Insipron 8600 needs to be retired.  The poor girl just can't keep up with the multiple browser windows I open, the photos I need to edit, the videos I upload, and the sheer amount of file storage I need.  What really makes me want to chuck the beast out the window is when it freezes up several times while I try to type a blog post or scroll down a webpage. 

This computer has served us well, but when I have to wait five minutes just to open Internet Explorer, I feel like doing this:

I love love love "Office Space."

So, we put "New Computer" on our list of things to save for, right behind Roof and Minivan.  We've been setting aside a couple hundred dollars every month to save up for replacing our roof next year, but then the laptop stopped recognizing when the power supply cord was plugged in.  I started trying to MacGyver the cord by propping it up with coasters and taping it in place with scotch tape. Eventually, this quit working and I've taken to wiggling the cord every couple minutes when the computer switches back to battery power on me.  (Battery power is dies within 20 minutes) 

Evan found it to be a real hoot to watch me contort my facial expressions and mutter curses at the laptop.  We can't take it anymore.  I use our computer way to much to be doing this anymore.  I was fully prepared to suck it up and just accept that working on the laptop was going to have to be coupled with quiet obscenities, but Evan suggested we just bite the bullet and buy a new one. 

And died.  Wednesday night, the ole girl kicked the bucket.  Battery dead, AC adapter that won't charge it.....dead as a doornail.  Anyone interested in a laptop shaped paperweight?

Thanks to the money we've been saving for a few months now, we have the cash to buy a new one.  Of course, that money was intended for our new roof, but thankfully we still have plenty of time to replace what we're taking out before it's time to actually buy the roof.  At least we won't be going into debt buying a new computer!

But please don't tell Dave Ramsey.  Seriously, I'm sick just thinking about spending that kind of money right now, but I'm staying positive and giving myself a pat on the back for being able to pay cash, rather than go into debt.  Today is the day I go to Best Buy, so please pray that I don't break out in hives as I count out the hard earned and even harder saved money!

Stay tuned for the introduction to our laptop!  And don't be surprised if my blog posts start to actually make more sense because I'm able to type them all in one sitting, rather than having to get up and pace while my computer caught up.

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