Friday, September 17, 2010

Micah's Birthday Party

The way I see it, the first birthday is kind of a big deal.  There's the traditional cake smashing (we'll get to that later), the excitement of seeing your baby as not-so-much a baby anymore, and you still have a shot at getting to open up some super cute clothes before you end up needing to ask for things like sneakers, socks, and undies.  I tend to throw a larger scale shindig for my kids' first birthday and then scale it back a bit for their following ones.  Of course, now that Isaiah actually has friends his own age, all that might be thrown out the window.  I'll cross that bridge when I get to it.

No theme or anything for Micah's party, just a good excuse to get together, trash a playroom, and have cake.
This playroom certainly earned its polka dots today!  And thanks again to everyone who actually cleaned it up before you came upstairs!  I went down there after the party was over, expecting to find it looking like a twister had hit, but everything was so neat and tidy.  My people rock.

Micah wasn't entirely sure at first what this thing was I was holding out to him, but I love how this photo almost looks like he's saying, "This Mommy?  Can I eat this??"

To which I would respond, "Sure, baby.  Dig in!"

And dig in he did.

In fact, the dye in the frosting was so strong, the skin on his nose and cheeks were tinted for the rest of the day!

The comment I got on this photo when I put it on Facebook was, "Micah - 1 Cake - 0"  Love it!  Isaiah looks so happy and proud of his brother, doesn't he?  Oh and take a second to notice Micah's bib.  Practically spotless.  Now look at his face.  Honestly, child!

Speaking of happy kids check out Isaiah at the head of the table here.  The look on his face, the Packers jerseys, the juice boxes.  This is just pure, unadulterated bliss right here. 

And this?  Well, this is me saying to my aunt, "This toy looks LOUD."  Of course, that toy is the one the boys immediately had to bust out of the box the second the cars all pulled out of the driveway.  It is, in fact, very loud.  They love it.

All in all, it was a very successful party.  Great turnout, lots of rugrats running around everywhere, and a good time was had by all.  Now we get to do it all again in November!  :)

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