Sunday, September 5, 2010

Sick and Tired

The boys have been sick.  Mommy is tired.

Thursday night, Micah vomited his supper and his bedtime bottle, then developed a fever.  By 11:00 pm, his head was on fire and we kept a close eye on his fever overnight.  Fortunately, he was ok by morning, but I stayed up with him until about 1:00 am or until he finally fell asleep for good.

Friday night, Isaiah was very restless at bedtime.  He moaned and shook with sobs every time we tried to put him to sleep, but we figured he was just having a nightmare or trying to stall going to sleep so we just kept putting him back to bed.  Finally, after about 4 hours of this song and dance, Isaiah emerged from his bedroom in absolute hysterics.  I went to him and found him with vomit on his pajamas and all over his bed.  Awesome.  We stripped his bed and re-made it with clean bedding.  I got him calmed down and put him back to bed, but it only took all of 2 minutes for him to vomit again!

After he was all cleaned up, I moved the two of us out to the living room for the night.  Isaiah had a big Tupperware bowl right by his head and he slept on the loveseat while I took the couch.  He was restless for a couple hours, but finally passed out for the night around 1:45 or so.  I think I finally fell asleep somewhere between 2:00 and 2:30 am. 

Poor Isaiah threw up twice more the next morning and really didn't eat anything all day, but had his usual spunk back by Saturday evening.

As for me, there is no spunk.  So tired.....

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